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The Man Behind the Lens.

My love affair with photography began when I was nine during a summer program at UC Berkeley and has been growing ever since. I’ve been immersed in art all my life, including a four-year stint playing guitar with a band and throwing ceramics for more than a decade. But the feel of a clicking shutter, the smell of the dark room, and the visual impact of a captured moment have me hooked and have become the focus of my creative expression. I’ve taken every opportunity to expand my knowledge and develop my skills through studies at California College of the Arts and UCLA, as well as working with an acclaimed wedding photographer. I’m currently studying Film & Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz.

I shot my first wedding as a favor for a friend who couldn’t afford a professional photographer. Before the event, I was nervous; although I had no experience with photographing weddings, I knew that there is a lot of emotional investment in having the day turn out well, and in being able to revisit the highlights through pictures. I did what I always do in new situations: I sat at my computer late into the night learning what I could about everything from technique and strategy to wedding photographer attire. Knowing that the bride’s mother was unhappy about having an untested photographer on the job didn’t help, but the shoot went surprisingly well. I had a great time, the bride and groom enthusiastically thanked me for my work, and later the warmest praise came from the skeptical mother-of-the-bride, who went on to recommend me to friends and family. When I got home from that first wedding, I spent hours reading about the business and sending emails to a dozen photographers, hoping to learn more about the tried and tested techniques. One of the top Bay Area wedding photographers, Gavin Farrington, responded to my inquiries, generously providing guidance and sharing wisdom. I had the good fortune of going on to work with him on location. 

My approach to event photography is to put people at ease and stay out of their way as they enjoy their moments. While I’m happy to stage a few posed shots, my main work results from documenting events as they happen, and capturing candid, genuine moments as they occur. I spend time with each client asking questions about the event and their preferences for shots, and am flexible in responding to a client’s needs and the requirements of the venue. Instead of “staging” photographs that look posed and stiff, I capture the moments as they come, and create images that will make you smile, laugh and cry for years to come. 

I have enjoyed photographing everything from a lavish outdoor wedding to a small intimate ceremony in a barbershop. From this rich variety of venues, I’ve learned that although they may look different from the outside, I play the same role in capturing some of the most special moments your life - the moments that you can revisit with your parents, partner, and kids through pictures that will instantly take you back to that one-and-only day.